The Olympic Gold Challenge

The Olympic Gold Challenge

Be part of the London 2012 Olympics and raise money for a dedicated sports charity.

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What is the Gold Challenge?

The Gold Challenge is a unique charity challenge where you take on 5, 10, 20 or 30 Olympic or Paralympic sports – and raise money for United Through Sport in the process.

Are you curious about Taekwondo? Have you always wanted to try your hand at archery or rowing; running or basketball? The Gold Challenge gives you the chance to test yourselves in a range of Olympic and Paralympic sports. Take the 5 or 10-sport challenge to help build your fitness and experience the buzz of competition. Or up the stakes with the 20 or 30-sport challenge, to discover just how far your fitness and talent will take you. And record your effort and performance – and judge your achievement - in the Gold Challenge league tables.

The Gold Challenge has joined forces with the Olympic sports’ various national governing bodies. They have expert coaches in all the Gold Challenge sports ready and waiting to get you off to a flying start in whichever sports you choose. They are also partnered with the British Olympic Association and Team GB, Sport England, and the British Paralympics Association. They aim to provide you with all the support, expertise and advice you need to excel when you take part - and some great special offers as well.

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So who can take part?
The Gold Challenge is accessible for all irrespective of age, ability or locality.

Individual and team entry - (Teams can be based around work/ study/ friends or other interest groups - the more the merrier)
Disability opportunities also integrated

Next Steps
It is easy to get involved and register and we would ask you to try and raise a minimum of £1000 although anything raised is massively appreciated by the United Through Sport team and the kids we work with overseas. By joining forces and making a team just think how much you could raise whilst having an enormous amount of fun.

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So what are you waiting for?

Get involved by clicking on the 'Register her now' and see how far you can get with your own Olympic challenge. Alternatively you can make an enquiry below and someone will be in touch with you.

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