Age Versus Experience in Triathlon Challenge

When United Through Sport fundraiser, Adrian Love, 20, went head to head against his brother-in-law Tom Collins, 29, at the Michelob Ultra London Triathlon on Saturday 4th August, he was out to prove that age overcomes experience every time. But was he right? Competing in the ‘Sprint’ event comprising of a 750m Swim, 21km Bike and 5.2km Run, Love’s hopes for glory appeared in jeopardy as Collins secured an early lead after an impressive swimming leg of only 12 minutes and 48 seconds. The bike also proved tricky with both brother-in-laws battling it out neck and neck ensuring Collin’s steady grip on the overall lead. And so it was all down to the run…

Determined to prove that age equals agility, Love moved up a gear beating his brother-in-law by 11 minutes and 32 seconds on the final leg. But was it enough? It was a close run victory. Love beat Collins with an overall time of 01:25:07 to 01:32:59.

The real winners however were United Through Sport who scored over £900 thanks to Adrian’s fantastic fundraising efforts. Let’s hope the challenge continues next year…

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