North Halifax Schools take on the Gold Challenge

We have taken the excitement of the Olympics, and we’re running with it…literally!

The Olympics has landed on our doorstep and in order to raise our sporting spirits, The North Halifax Federation of Schools, have taken on the Gold Challenge in order to support United Through Sport.

Children and staff from five of their primary schools (Moorside Primary, Ash Green Primary, St. Malachy’s Catholic Primary, Lee Mount Primary and Bradshaw Primary) and one of their secondary schools (Trinity Academy), will be pushing themselves in this attempt to complete 2012km, all in time for the start of the Olympic Games. In various events planned across the different schools, they are planning to run, walk and cycle in order to cover this distance.

A massive thanks goes out to them and good luck with the Gold Challenge.

If you would like to get involved with the Gold Challenge for your school then email [email protected] with your details and interest. You may even want to support the North Halifax Schools by sponsoring them here.

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