A Different Way to Fundraise

We love hearing about all the weird and wonderful ways that people like to support and help fundraise for United Through Sport and we encourage you to come up with something unique and interesting.

Recently, sports enthusiasts, Lynsey and Chris Davis, held a naming ceremony for their two children, Max and Ben. Instead of asking for gifts (as we are sure Max and Ben have plenty of toys already!), the very generous couple decided that they would ask friends and family to donate towards United Through Sport, so children less fortunate could also benefit. Through this very simple but effective idea, not only have they been able to raise over £500 but they have also sent out an important message about recognising what we have so that we are able to share more with others.

The ceremony had plenty of people enjoy a fun and gamed fueled day, providing a great opportunity to get friends and family together to celebrate the lives of Max and Ben. Check out a few photos below and a massive thanks goes out to all that have donated to United Through Sport.

If you have an interesting way that you have fundraised for us then get in touch as we want to hear about it.

Olympic Team GB Support

United Through Sport have been given an extremely generous donation of GB Winter Olympic 2014 clothing worth thousands of pounds, used in Sochi, Russia, earlier this year.

Some of this will be taken out to the countries where we work but a lot can be auctioned off to raise much needed funding for the charity. We also don’t think the large quantity of ski and snowboard jackets are going to be needed in Africa!

A big thanks goes out to the GB Olympic Association as well as staff at South Gloucestershire and Stroud College (SGS) who have been very supportive as we distribute the kit.

With the Youth Olympic Games happening in China this August, will United Through Sport see further association with the GB Olympic Teams?!