Read About Our Model

Who We Are
United Through Sport is a sports charity helping disadvantaged communities reach their full potential in sport, education and health. We do this in Africa, South America and Asia.

Our Commitment
We are committed to using sport as a tool to develope disadvantaged and vulnerable youth. We do this by:

  • Using direct sports coaching – for its health benefits, improved emotional well-being and increased life skills (teamwork, leadership, decision making, communication).
  • Using sport to discuss critical issues – by delivering curriculums on topics such as HIV/AIDS awareness in a fun and interactive manner on the sports field.
  • Using sport for improved education – by providing pathways to success for talented and dedicated individuals through scholarships to top local schools and tertiary education.

What We Do
United Through Sport supports two core programs, built up by a number of projects in each country we work in. The first is our Mass Participation Program which gives thousands of disadvantaged kids the chance to play and enjoy the sports they love. The second is our Schools of Excellence (Junior and Senior) program which provide top-level coaching and academic schooling for aspiring athletes.

How We Do It
United Through Sport is built on a clear pyramid structure. Our Mass Participation Program forms the bottom tier, our Schools of Excellence forms the second tier, and our careers in sport forms the top tier. All our work, donations and volunteering go into supporting this pyramid structure.

We believe every man, woman and child has the right to play sports. Sports have the ability to promote fitness, self-esteem and fair play, and also to deliver opportunity, choice and hope. However, for many living in poverty or isolation, access to sports is a privilege not a right. We provide access to sports and play-based activities for disadvantaged communities by providing the essentials they need to get started. We sponsor talented athletes to attend Schools of Sporting Excellence and train dedicated community coaches. We provide the sports equipment, facilities and training kids need so that anyone, no matter what their ability, can enjoy the benefits of sports and play.

Sports are an effective means of bringing people together to tackle important life issues and bring about lasting change. We use the power of sports to bring people together to discuss and tackle the wider social, economic and cultural challenges such as poor education and training, the prevalence of HIV/AIDS and gender inequality. From delivering life skills and HIV awareness training to schools and increasing the involvement of women in community sports to providing top level educational opportunities, we work hard to tackle the barriers of development to improve the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable people and bring about real and lasting change.

Sports are a universal language. It unites individuals, groups and nations to work towards a common goal. We use sports to unite communities both locally and internationally to share their passion for sport, promote mutual respect and to develope a greater understanding of one another to help tackle inequality at both the local and international level. From international sporting events to local tournaments, we support projects that bring together disadvantaged groups with the wider community to reduce isolation, break down barriers and create a network of support for those at the margins of society. Together we can achieve more. Together we can tackle inequality. Together we can play!