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Coach and play soccer in Argentina, help girls master field hockey in South Africa, tackle rugby skills in St. Lucia and develop sporting talent in Thailand

Join our family of international volunteers and interns who provide a vital input towards our Mass Participation Program. This could see you visiting some truly amazing countries in Africa, South America and The Caribbean, whilst sharing your love of sport with kids from disadvantaged communities.


Soccer, Field Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Rugby,Tennis

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St. Lucia

Soccer, Rugby, Cricket, Netball, Tennis

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South Africa

Soccer, Field Hockey, Basketball,  Tennis, Rugby, Netball, Cricket, Swimming

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Soccer, Netball, Volleyball, Rugby

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Internship Opportunities

Looking for a College Internship that will gain you a service learning opportunity?

Make this internship count!

Intern in one our international volunteer programs locations and plan special events, create a marketing plan, research new ways to improve United Through Sport, develop ways to fundraise, create a coaching or teaching curriculum or organize a weekend excursion for the volunteers!

We cater to those who are studying in fields such as: International Business, International Relations, Human Rights, Sport Management, Physical Education, Education, Sport Science,Social Media, and Organizational Management.

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Hey Teams — Get An Edge Over Opponents

Please check out our preseason, spring break or summer break team sport tours!

We can organize a team sport tours which can consist of training and playing against local athletes and being immersed in the social aspect of a disadvantage communities by using your expertise of your sport by coaching local youth children how to play the game you love!  We also  can offer a cultural experience which will allow the team to learn about the  local community through our voluntary projects opportunities.

We normally offer two week sports tours in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, however, we can be flexible based off of the needs of the team!

Contact us for more information.

Five weeks of genuine happiness and I have got to go back. You hopefully know that I would have loved to stay longer if I could and equally when I say that I am going to try my level hardest to make it back during my gap year, I really do mean it.

The work you do here is absolutely inspiring. It’s fair to say that coming over I was apprehensive about what it was I would be doing, about the whole ‘volunteerism’ concept as well as the ‘British Saviour’ complex. However coming over  and finding out about your set up and structure and more than anything, meeting you guys in person put me straight at ease. Your drive, determination and belief in what you are doing is honestly inspirational and will stay with me as a constant reminder of what can be achieved – SO THANK YOU & GOOD LUCK GOING FORWARD!

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