Our work in Thailand

United Through Sport is working in Thailand with a team that has more than 20 years experience within the Thai educational system. Based in the Singburi area, our team has a good understanding of what needs to be done to improve the mental and physical health of the Thai children that attend the primary and secondary schools. By expanding the current, minimal, sports curriculum (one hour a week) inside the local schools, we are aiming to make the children more physically fit, introduce them to new sports (normally only football for the boys and volleyball for the girls), enhance their motivation, dreams and self-esteem, bridge the gender differences and provide them with health lessons and life skills.

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The Multi-Sports Coaching Project takes place at several schools in the Singburi area. At these schools our local staff and international sports volunteers add an essential element to the current sports and health curriculum for the children. This program gives the children the opportunity to be more involved with sports, as there is currently just only one hour of sports lessons a week in the existing curriculum, and to introduce new sports to the children that they would otherwise not get involved in.

The training sessions contain mainly of team sports such as soccer, netball, volleyball, rugby and so on. In the school’s current sports curriculum the boys are only trained in soccer and the girls in volleyball. During the sports sessions, our aim is to give the children more than just sports training. We use direct sports coaching to improve the health of the children, their stamina, emotional well-being and to develope their life skills; teamwork, leadership, decision making and communication.

Furthermore, we also give the children health lessons on personal health care and other important issues such as gender equality. All elements of the program take place on the sports field in a fun and interactive way to stimulate social interaction. Using sports can aid the personal development of any child as it promotes the social interaction, knowledge and passion which are all life skills that lead to the pathway of success.

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