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At United Through Sport we are always looking for activists for the work that we do. We are lucky enough to have thousands of them volunteer for us every year. But the good you can do, does not end when your placement as a volunteer or intern in one of our programmes ends.

Past volunteers are invited to exclusively become Charity Champions for United Through Sport. Just a few of the benefits for the past volunteers include:
• A great title to add to your CV to show your versatility and character.
• An excellent reference when you want to advance your career.
• Become a member of the exclusive Charity Champion UTS club.
• Do good and feel great while doing it!

If you are at university or perhaps in a busy workplace in which you could generate some buzz, then you could be perfect for the role of Charity Champion.

How to get involved:
1) Do a talk about United Through Sport at your place of work, university or a club that you belong to (Toastmasters, Rotary, etc.)
2) Get three people to sign up for our Sponsor a Child Programme, at just £15 per month. Check this out here.
3) Enter an event to raise funds for United Through Sport. This can be anything from a marathon to a muck run, as long as you complete the event and raise awareness and funds for the children of United Through Sport.

* Charity Champions must be past volunteers or interns who have participated in one of our United Through Sport programmes.