Our visit to Cote d’Or National Sports Complex was truly inspiring and gave us the opportunity to meet Neil Murphy, the head coach at the Liverpool FC Mauritius Academy. This encounter opened doors to a world of incredible opportunities.

We were fortunate to do more than merely spectate from the stands during our time at Liverpool FC’s Academy in Mauritius. Instead, we were granted the exceptional opportunity to actively engage in the coaching process.

Our two dedicated football coaches were given the chance to develop their coaching skills through the academy, commencing with their involvement in training sessions for the younger players. This initial experience served as a gateway to understanding the coaching methodologies employed at an elite institution like Liverpool FC and the development of football coaching in Mauritius. As they honed their skills and expanded their knowledge, they steadily progressed to working with the U18s squad. This coaching journey not only gave the coaches valuable experience but also a profound insight into the inner workings of coaching within the framework of an elite academy.

This hands-on involvement in the coaching process deepened their appreciation for the sport and enriched their expertise, contributing to their growth as football coaches. Our time at Liverpool FC Academy was a true testament to the transformative power of mentorship and the boundless potential that emerges when passion meets opportunity. We are excited about supporting the Academy into the future with more football coaches supporting the national programme.