Ieuan Woods, a sports coach from United Through Sport Mauritius, had the privilege of participating in a cycling event organised by the Cycling Federation in the northern region of the island. Ieuan, whose sporting journey had transitioned from competitive cycling to the world of rugby since he began university. Whilst in Mauritius he seized this opportunity to revisit his cycling prowess and challenge himself against some of the island’s most talented cyclists.

The day proved to be an outstanding success, with Ieuan’s tenacity and skill earning him a commendable 14th place finish in his category. His performance showcased that his cycling talent was very much intact, despite his focus on rugby in recent years, and the rain.

The event itself was a testament to exceptional organisation and drew attention to the remarkable level of cycling talent present on the island, spanning generations. Witnessing the enthusiasm and dedication displayed by participants of all ages was truly inspiring and served as a vibrant testament to the sport’s enduring appeal.

For the rest of our coaches and coordinators, the day was a delightful outing as we rallied behind Ieuan from the sidelines, offering our enthusiastic support. It was not only a proud moment for Ieuan but also a memorable experience that reinforced the camaraderie and shared passion that define our mission to empower and uplift through sports.