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United Through Sport has supported our local, satellite partner programme in Buenos Aires since 2010 seeking to have a positive impact on the disadvantaged young people living there. Our volunteers work closely with NGO’s and local clubs to deliver structured sports sessions, which have already reached over 2000 children. Through football, rugby, tennis, baseball, netball and basketball, United Through Sport is addressing serious issues facing the at-risk children of Buenos Aires every day.

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Contact our Argentina team by calling +54 (0)11 207 76699 or send an email to [email protected]

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As an organisation we do a lot more than just sport and support the local community in a number of ways. Read on to find out how you can get involved with our project work in Argentina.

Sports Education
The Sports Education project has different areas we support.

The School of Excellence: A football-based project where the ball is used as a tool to promote all values associated with sports such as teamwork, self-respect, fair-play, structure, rule-following, and so on. The programme involves both boys and girls beginning from 6 years old and up to young adults. Our kids and young adults also have the opportunity to apply all the knowledge gained in a city-wide league that has matches every weekend.

Schools: In schools we appoint volunteers to join efforts with local physical education teachers in providing exciting and beneficial PE lessons. Schools we work with promote social inclusion in their syllabus and sports are used as a tool to encourage teamwork and values.

After-school programs: We support and appoint volunteers to meaningful after-school sports projects mainly based on football, hockey, handball and rugby, in collaboration with local NGOs who share our same values and goals.

This is a mass participation project open to the community.

The childcare project is based on the idea that all children deserve a safe space to develop their skill sets. The placements are located within the slums, and the age of the children ranges approximately between 5 to 12.

Within the childcare project children can come into contact with foreign volunteers who each brings their own unique quality and background to the playground.

The focus of this project is on art and creativity and sports, to feed into the child imagination and spirit as well as teaching all values associated with sports such as teamwork, self-respect and fair-play.

Teaching and Education
The teaching and education program provides first hand support to public schools in the teaching of English as a second language, with ready-to-work volunteers providing in-classroom advice and the possibility for students to hear a native accent at all times.

A second element of this program is the School of English, which aims to provide people fourteen years old and up with the opportunity of studying a second language with quality teachers and volunteers providing a much needed hand and native language and pronunciation. This school is now open in two locations within the slums and more to come, increasing access to much-needed education in these communities.

Volunteers on the Healthcare project in Buenos Aires have the opportunity to work alongside established physicians in hospitals throughout the city.

Volunteers will have the chance to spend time in a variety of medical settings including walk-in clinics, surgical units, operating rooms, kinesiology centres, and more.

Because the project is based out of teaching hospitals, volunteers also get the unique opportunity to sit in on patient rounds and educational lectures with local medical students. It is a great opportunity to not only further develop medical skills, but also expand Spanish medical vocabulary.

Because of Argentinian law, volunteers are not allowed to touch patients without supervision of a licensed professional.

Volunteers can expect to begin their experience by shadowing and observing the local doctors until they become comfortable in the setting. Independence will increase with demonstrated knowledge and establishment of relationships with the medical staff.

Knowledge, prior experience, language skills, and length of volunteering will influence which aspects of care you will be able to partake.

Construction and Renovation
The aim of the Construction and Renovation project is to provide hands-on support in renovation and maintenance activities within local schools, NGOs or community buildings in Buenos Aires.

Eager volunteers coupled with materials donated by us improve locations otherwise unkempt for. People from these disadvantaged backgrounds therefore have access to these facilities bringing the community closer together.

Main tasks usually include painting and general maintenance activities, although these may vary from time to time.

United Through Sport has recognised the need for action in Argentina and so we are currently running a Mass Participation Programme (MPP) in the capital city of Buenos Aires. The Mass Participation Programme focusses on using sport as a tool for holistic development. We currently use football, rugby, netball, baseball, tennis and basketball as a means of connecting with at-risk, vulnerable children. We have teamed up with many NGO’s and local clubs in order to have as much of a positive impact as possible. The connection that sport can provide us with enables us to develop key life-skills in young people such as leadership, communication and teamwork as well as build up their confidence and self esteem. We also take the opportunity to address important social and health-related issues.

Working in conjunction with similarly minded local people, our Mass Participation Programme has already reached over 2000 at-risk and impoverished children within the city and made use of over 100 international volunteers. The passion and dedication of our team in South America will surely drive our projects forward and enable our volunteers to do even more good work in a part of the World that needs our help.

The Power of Sport

“By harnessing sport as a tool to engage young people, it can become a lot more powerful than a mere game on the pitch. You can grab hold of them, you can motivate, you can shape them, you can educate and do powerful, life changing things with them”.

How You Can Help

Visit our How You Can Help section for a range of ways that you can get involved and help us in Argentina

Contact our Argentina team by calling +54 (0)11 207 76699 or send an email to [email protected]

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