United Through Sport Mauritius, had the privilege of working closely with St. Esprit College in Quatre Bornes. Our collaboration with the sports coaches at the college allowed us to extend our assistance to various sporting disciplines.

At the outset of our program, we lent our support to the coaches in football and basketball, primarily focusing on after-school clubs. As our partnership progressed and our contributions yielded positive results, we gradually integrated ourselves into the school’s regular sports sessions. These sessions were a fusion of multiple sports, involving approximately 40 enthusiastic children who eagerly rotated through activities such as netball, ultimate frisbee, rugby, and football. This diverse sporting experience enriched the lives of these young students and exposed them to a wide array of physical activities.

Throughout our time at St. Esprit College, we had the privilege of working with a diverse group of students spanning various age groups and skill levels. Their eagerness to learn and participate made our engagement immensely rewarding.

One notable highlight of our collaboration was being featured in the college newsletter. This recognition not only honoured our contributions but also served as a testament to the positive impact we had on the college’s sporting community. Our involvement in the newsletter symbolised our dedication to fostering a strong sense of community and shared enthusiasm for sports at St. Esprit College.

Overall, our experience at St. Esprit College was a remarkable journey of cultural exchange, skill development, and mutual inspiration, leaving a lasting impression on both us and the students we had the pleasure of working with.

We were delighted to see the positive response from students who wrote an article in the schools newsletter,.