A few days following our initial meeting with the Minster of Youth Empowerment, Sport and Recreation, The Honourable Jean Christophe Stephan Toussaint, an invitation was given to us to visit the Point Jerome centre situated in the south eastern part of the island. During this visit, we were granted a tour of the facility, even getting the chance to meet the weightlifting athletes in the midst of rigorous training sessions, preparing for the highly anticipated Indian Ocean island games. Mauritius’ weightlifting contingent had achieved an impressive feat, amassing an astounding 48 medals, including 17 golds!

Amidst the inspiring ambience of Point Jerome, we convened with The Honourable Jean Christophe Stephan Toussaint and his dedicated team to strategize and collaborate. Together, we crafted a plan that aimed to utilise the newly established beach arena facility in Blue Bay as a platform for positive change. This plan envisioned us coaching various sports, including football, ultimate frisbee, and rugby at the arena, coupled with open water swimming sessions in the bay. These endeavours were aimed at benefiting approximately 40 local children in the southern region, providing them with coaching exposure to these sports.

Back at Point Jerome, we planned to run basketball and netball sessions. The community members at Point Jerome also lent their invaluable support by constructing a dedicated netball hoop, showcasing their commitment to our shared mission. This collaborative effort exemplified the power of partnerships and the profound impact that can be achieved when individuals and communities unite with a shared vision of empowering and uplifting the youth.