Volunteer Travels with National Rugby Team

This July saw the West African rugby championship take place in Bamoko, Mali – and the Ghanaian National team was in full force along with guest coach, United Through Sport volunteer, Chris Morgan. Chris was invited to join the team in Mali by the team’s permanent coach, following some impressive coaching during training sessions with the national team in 2010.

Not only did Chris help coach the team to a respectable 4th place standing in the tournament, he also provided kit which was donated from the UK.

Chris, who is currently a student at Loughborough University, first visited Ghana last year but was unable to participate in the 2010 tournament, then being held in Niger. But on learning that Ghana qualified for the 2011 championship Chris leapt at the invitation to join them in Mali.

Despite problems with fitness Chris was pleased with the performance of the team against undoubtedly more experienced rivals. Chris said “It has been a great experience for me, it’s not everyday you get to coach a national team in any sport, and it has been a real eye opener into the workings of a national team!”

Other participating countries were Benin, Niger, Burkina Faso, Chad, Togo and host country Mali.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about our rugby project in Accra, Ghana.

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